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How to work with Algebra: Part 1

  The longest word in English which doesn’t use the letter E is floccinaucinihilipilification. Imagine having to spell that in an exam! Try using all those letters to practise algebra

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Back in a Jiffy

How to do Fractions

“I’ll be back in a jiffy” If anyone says this to you –  expect them back soon! In electronics – a JIFFY is the time between cycles of alternating current

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Faith M Christmas Card Competition Design Entry

Christmas Card Designs Gallery

At the end of last year we ran a Christmas card competition to help raise awareness for the African Refugee Education Project. Mr Nigel Lea-Wilson, Trustee of the AREP Charity,

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Christmas Card Competition Advert

Christmas Card Competition 2017

It’s time to put your artistic talent to good use and design your very own Christmas Card for a chance to win £50 in vouchers for yourself and £250 for

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Chemical glassware reaction rates

Uncovering the Chemistry behind Reaction Rates

The rate of a reaction is the number of successful collisions occurring between reactants within a certain amount of time. It is determined by the collision theory. This theory states

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Revision Techniques from an A* Student

Having recently completed my A Levels and achieving 3 A*s, I’ve decided to share some of my revision tips that worked for me and hopefully they’ll work for you too!

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Back to school – how to start the year as a ‘grade 9’ student

It is that time of year again when the long summer nights begin to draw in and the start of the new school year approaches. Don’t worry, make sure that

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Celebrating our fantastic exam results for 2017

Congratulations to our students and tutors for the remarkable results that have been achieved this year. We’ve had some amazing exam results from our GCSE and A Level students. Despite

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Switch On To Business magazine interview

We were lucky enough to be featured in a recent edition of Switch On To Business magazine, a Merseyside commerce, culture and lifestyle publication. You can read the article in

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