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How to work with Genetics: Part 1

Cartoon DNA

The study of genetics has taught us many important things, helping us to diagnose, prevent and treat many diseases. The human genome is incredible, we have 46 chromosomes, made up of 3200 million base pairs!!  The four bases which form the genetic code can make billions of different combinations. Even with so many different possible combinations, we  share as much as 99.9% of our genetic material with other humans. The rest of the DNA is what makes you unique. Apparently if you unwind all the DNA in your body and stretch it out – it would reach the moon 6000 times!

GCSE scientists – you need to explain how genetic information is passed on from parents to offspring. For help with this try our new guide “How to work with Genetics: Part 1”. It includes information on genetic diagrams and key vocabulary you need. It includes questions to try, and answers to check your understanding.

Click on the picture below to see the guide.


GCSE Genetics


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