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Since 2015, EB Education Services have run courses at Manchester Metropolitan University delivering subject knowledge enhancement, STEM and PGCE training to prospective teachers. We carry out practical demonstrations and activities, to encourage a greater practical aspect of the science subjects to be delivered in schools. We support trainee teachers throughout their courses, offering continued guidance and advice, and carrying out school visits to monitor and assess their development and teaching capabilities.



The courses are aimed to prepare student teachers for a career in teaching by improving their subject knowledge in their chosen area, while also covering teaching techniques, behaviour management and marking strategies. The SKE courses are designed to cover many of the common practical experiments that teachers will need to deliver in the classroom, helping develop the skills that they will need during their PGCE year whilst they have time to learn and reflect on them. The sessions are very hands on, interactive and informative, whilst being delivered in a fun and informal way. The subject knowledge covers the national curriculum key stage 3 topics, and various exam boards key stage 4 and 5 syllabuses. Through the training delivered by EB Education Services, MMU can ensure that their students have the necessary subject knowledge to embark on a successful career in education. Additionally, it gives student teachers an insight into teaching, so they can make a more informed decision if it is the right career path for them, provides them with a refresher from their own science studies and gives them a good springboard into their PGCE.

Tutors have delivered science specialist teaching to postgraduate students as well, such as genetics, immunity, astronomy and medical physics. These courses delve into a greater depth into various areas of the science curriculum, allowing students to gain a much deeper understating of certain areas which will help make the transition into A level teaching less daunting. Information about the differences in exam boards and becoming an examiner is given, which is encouraged to assist their continued professional development. Using the skills and experience of the EB Education tutors has helped MMU provide many of the next generation of future teachers with the necessary skills to embark on a successful career in the classroom.

Testimonials from MMU students

Karen is the best teacher on the course. She treated us like peers, had a good balance of teaching materials and teaching the subject, made it interesting with inspired ideas. She taught in a professional, down-to-earth and intuitive manner. She is an inspirational teacher that has made me more enthusiastic for my course. To teach is to inspire others in this sense, Karen is a teacher through and through.

Harrison Bailey

Hi Chris,
Speaking for someone who hasn’t really touched on any astrophysics for 15 years, I was very happy with the course and thought it was delivered very well from the basics upwards. I feel a lot more confident going forward to the PGCE course as a result of your lessons and practical models, much appreciated.
Many Thanks

Lee Sharples

Over the summer 2016, I undertook a Biology SKE course with some lessons taught by Karen McGillicuddy. I can honestly say these were the most interesting/best taught lessons on the course. My knowledge was greatly enhanced and she was so approachable and friendly. I would definitely recommend Karen, for any kind of tuition. She is a very clever lady. Thanks Karen, all the best.

Nicola-Rebecca Vernon

Delivers a clear and concise learning style in a supportive and relaxed environment; has a real knack for breaking complex ideas into digestible chunks. Strong core subject knowledge and peripheral knowledge which helps contextualise your learning. A sculptor of fine young minds!

Tom Holdsworth

Be Kind Awards

MMU also hosted the Be Kind Awards in 2023, where EB Education were invited to present the Star Pupil Award.



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