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Working with schools

We offer various intervention and support programmes within schools, including directly funded support by the school, subsidised funding from schools and also privately funded (by parents/carers) intervention held in school.


The support funded by schools has been aimed at students from the Pupil Premium cohort helping them secure a good pass or above. Some pupils were being directly targeted by the school to be stretched to achieve the highest grades. These sessions have been based around 1:1 support and 1:3 support in which bespoke intervention and tuition has been delivered, focused on the individual needs of the students in liaison with the relevant school department. Some schools have used EB Education to provide up to 1:10 group tuition, to give intensive learning and intervention but within a group setting, to allow enhanced interaction between students.


The privately funded programmes delivered in schools are open to the whole cohort and feature programmes of study across foundation and higher tier students, working in small to medium sized groups, such as 1:8 for the overarching teaching, which can then splits into smaller groups of 1:4 to allow paired and small group pupil work.


Tutors from EB Education have delivered subject specialist teaching to students in key stages 3, 4 and 5, teaching GCSE and A level specific knowledge, application and exam techniques, from fully qualified teaches, who are also examiners. These have been carried out as part of the normal school day, and as additional classes after school.


At EB Education Services, we pride ourselves on the fact that our intervention and tuition support packages are always bespoke and tailor made for the school or department that are employing our skills. Working in close conjunction with the school we ensure that we deliver uniquely targeted support packages for them in order to help support their learners in the way they need.


A school we have worked with for the last five years is Knutsford Academy. The Head of Science, commented  about the support we have provided:

Knutsford Academy has happily worked with EB Education Services Ltd since 2015. We have used their services for delivering whole class teaching, small group and one to one support for learners of different needs and abilities. Alongside of this we have additionally endorsed their services to parents of students from the school when they have been looking for extra one to one support.

We have found EB Education Services Ltd to be extremely reliable and professional, with excellent subject knowledge and the ability to convey this to students at different levels. The company and its leadership team demonstrate and maintain the professional standards expected within the educational setting, ensuring that they are up to date with frameworks and initiatives. EB Education Services Ltd always strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for the students who they are working with.

We happily continue to work with EB Education Services Ltd and would highly recommend their services to others.

Other comments we have received from staff are:

“The sessions were great, especially given the on-line challenges”.

“The tutor persisted in engaging and questioning the students throughout all sessions and the students appreciated this”.

“The delivery was spot-on…no PowerPoints but small chunks of key points aimed at foundation tier content…which helps the students process the info and not become overwhelmed. Whatever the exam boards throw at us in the next couple of weeks, I am confident that the students are in a better position because of the tutoring”.


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