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Looked After Children

As of March 2021, there were 80,080 looked after children in England. Over the past 5 years, the number of looked after children (LAC) has increased by 10%. Unfortunately, data shows that, as a group, the educational outcomes of LAC is significantly lower than other young people. Attainment 8 scores measure the average achievement across 8 subjects. In 2019 the average Attainment 8 score for LAC was 19.1, compared to 44.6 for non-LAC.

At EB Education Services we are passionate about addressing this imbalance. We work alongside Swindon Virtual School, providing tuition for over 100 LAC, from over 30 different schools, from year 1 through to year 13. Our tutors work in partnership with the students, carers and schools to ensure that all are provided with the support they need to help them move successfully to the next stage in their lives.

Tuition is individually tailored to the specific needs of each child, and through regular communication with carers and schools, we can ensure that the tutoring delivered aligns with teaching within school. Baseline and termly assessments are completed to measure progress, and termly reports shared with all stakeholders. Our tutors provide feedback directly with the pupil, their carers and to the virtual school/actual school as required, this is done through our company centred reporting system.


Below is a testimonial from Sonja Joseph, VS Headteacher in Swindon:

“As Headteacher of Swindon Virtual School I cannot praise highly enough the effectiveness of the tuition services received by EB Education.

The use of 1-1 tuition from this company has ensured that the progress and attainment of our most vulnerable children has improved from their starting points and is securely good.

The detailed baseline assessment and reporting on each individual student is shared fully with the home school and feeds into their termly education planning and monitoring. Their ability to be flexible around the needs of our students has ensured that all of our children fully engage with learning. Thank you and the support you provide to Swindon virtual school is invaluable.”

100% of the carers we work with state that the tutors always deliver support appropriate to the student’s needs, and that since commencing tuition the students are more confident and willing to tackle new work.

When asked about tuition sessions, carers have said:


Tutoring is excellent, cannot see how it could be improved”


From our annual questionnaire 100% of students who responded state they are more confident in tackling new work, and report their marks/grades have improved since beginning tuition. 94% of students feel they understand the subject more since starting tuition.

When asked about tuition sessions, students have said:


“I want them to continue because I am getting better “

“I don’t think they can be improved”


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