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Do you need help to improve your subject knowledge, prepare for important exams or boost your confidence in school? We can help you to achieve even better by supplying high quality tuition in many subjects and locations. During your initial session, your tutor will work with the student to assess their ability and determine the areas that need extra support, and will then devise a plan to help bridge the gaps in understanding, and improve their confidence and ability in the subject. We understand that being at school can be very difficult and genuinely want to help all students to improve and fulfil their potential.

EB Education Services offers tuition on a 1:1 basis or in small groups, whichever you prefer or feel is best suited to what you need. We provide experts in the subject areas that you need help with and people who are able to explain the subject in a way that makes it clear and easy to understand. We care about helping all students to succeed to unlock a brighter future.

Whether you are struggling with certain subjects or are looking at taking the next step in your understanding and stretching yourself to achieve even better, we can help you and offer you the support that you need. We can help by not only improving your subject knowledge but helping you become a more effective student, by looking at strategies to improve your revision skills, exam technique, confidence and overall performance.

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Our Tutors

The tutors who work through EB Education Services all have experience in teaching students in their specialist subject, with the majority of them being qualified teachers. They all want to help their students achieve even better and will work hard at helping you unlock your potential. They are all DBS checked and hold a valid Enhanced DBS certificate, which is available for checking should you wish to see it. On your first session, the tutor will bring a form of photographic ID with them, to validate their authenticity.

Payments are made securely into our business bank account, and the tutor is paid by the company, so no money needs to pass hands between the tutor and the client. This eliminates any awkwardness and dealing with counterfeit currency. EB Education Services has current PLI, PII and ELI insurance policies.

After each session the tutor will provide you with verbal feedback on the areas that were covered during the session, areas the student excelled in, areas for improvement and any homework that may have been set. On request, the tutor can also send you written feedback via email, so both you and the tutor can keep a record of what has been covered, set for homework, and whether the homework was completed. If you would prefer not to have homework set, you can request this, although we recommend for the best results that the student completes regular homework from the tutor, and follows up each tutoring session practising what they have learnt, and making revision resources. Depending on the age and ability of the student, the tutor will suggest how much time they should be putting in independently between tutoring sessions.

For students sitting exams, tutors can structure a revision timetable and discuss various revision techniques with them. They will recommend useful websites for them to use as part of their revision, and work through past papers and markschemes with the student. Working through past papers is a highly recommended way to revise, and ascertain gaps in knowledge.

For GCSE, AS and A Level, past papers, markschemes and examiners reports can be found for the main three exam boards at the following links:

For students wanting to sit the 11+ or alternative entrance exams, useful resources can be found here:

For SATS, these websites may be useful for you:

We also recommend for SEN support, contacting Liz Murray at Spotlight Education Support. She is a fully qualified SENCO with over 20 years experience in education and is an Advanced Skills teacher for Special Educational Needs.


Subjects Offered


We tutor in an extensive range of subjects, talents and skills. We aim to not only improve your subject knowledge, but focus on other areas such as exam technique, revision tips, confidence building and social skills.

Locations Covered


We are based in the North West and cover the UK, as long as we can match a suitable tutor to student, we are happy to help wherever that may be – even outside the UK.



We pride ourselves in ensuring our clients, students and tutors work within a safe environment. We are fully insured and all our tutors have an Enhanced DBS certificate.



You are never too young or too old to learn new things, and therefore we don’t discriminate by age. We provide tuition to all ages and abilities.



We have a range of payment options to suit, from single sessions, block booking, group sessions and chances to win free sessions.

Online Tuition


For those of you who prefer tutoring in an online format, or are not based in the UK, we can help via offering an online tuition service.


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