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EB Education Services Limited was founded in September 2015 by two fully qualified secondary school teachers (Karen and Chris McGillicuddy), with a passion for helping everybody achieve even better. They have a lot of experience within the education sector, and have gained six degrees in Education and Science based subjects.

After a combined 12 years teaching Science across key stages 3, 4 and 5, they decided to embark on setting up their own company.

Two influential people in this decision were Karen’s Grandad (Ernest) and Chris’ Dad (Bill), who always encouraged them to achieve even better, and so ‘EB’ Education Services Limited was born.

EB Education Services

Running things at EB Education Services allows Karen and Chris to be in charge of making a greater difference to the lives and education of the people that they and their team work with. The initial foundations of the company focuses on providing more quality time with students – be that in one to one sessions or small groups, allowing greater tailor-made, personalised learning to take place; something that is not always feasible in school time.

It’s not always about school!

Since they founded, EB Education Services have worked with individual clients ranging from the ages of 5 to 53 years old, in many different areas, helping them achieve even better and reach their goals. There is no age limit to the people that EB Education wants to help; you are never too young or old to learn new things and expand your mind.

Karen and Chris also work alongside Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) helping to develop the teachers of the future, by delivering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and SKE (Subject Knowledge Enhancement) courses, and carrying out school visits to monitor and assess the development of trainee teachers. Additionally to this they also work with three major exam boards (AQA, OCR and Pearson Qualifications-Edexcel) as expert examiners for the GCSE and A Level exam series.

It’s not always about academic achievement!

The EB Education Services team and their associates have helped people achieve even better in many different walks of life and a variety of skill sets.

Aside from improving academic ability, we work on improving confidence, self-motivation and social skills for both in and out of the classroom. If a student has more confidence to ask and answer questions in class, their understanding of the topic improves as well. Working to improve these areas, also helps outside of school and in a work environment, helping people to develop leadership skills. This is an area our team focus on a lot, and it has seen some great success.

We have also helped people achieve even better in areas such as learning to play musical instruments; improving sporting skills and techniques; nutrition, health and fitness; and mastering various trade skills, such as joinery and bricklaying.

It’s about achieving EVEN BETTER

Our aim is to help everybody that we work with unlock their potential and achieve even better than they thought they could. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that everybody that we work with will end up getting a PhD from Oxbridge, or representing their country at the Olympics but we can guarantee that we will help them try to achieve even better in everything that they set their minds to.

Tutoring can be delivered at your home, a library or another mutually convenient location, or in one of our course centres. As long as we can match tutors to tutees, we offer tutoring anywhere.

We also deliver tutoring via online tutorials, which can be delivered to students in the UK if they prefer this method, or don’t have a suitable tutor in their local area. In addition, we can deliver international tutoring this way.

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EB Education Services comprise of a substantial and elite team of educators. We are an ambitious company who want to achieve even better ourselves and are always looking at improving our services, the variety of subjects/skills that we provide support in, as well as extending our client/tutor base and geographical locations.

At present, we offer learning, intervention and tuition in all core subjects (Maths, English and Science) and many others, such as Arabic, French, Music, History, Geography and Religious Studies. EB Education will always try our best to find someone to offer help in any subject/skill area and location that our clients may require, so please contact us to find out how we can help you achieve even better!

If you are somebody who has a unique skill set that may benefit others, are interested in helping everybody achieve even better and want to be involved in our journey then please contact us about becoming a Team EB tutor.


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