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At EB Education Services Limited we believe that you are never too young or too old to learn something new. We offer tailor-made tutoring to students of all ages, across all key stages and beyond. We can happily work with students of any age to provide them with the help and support that they need; this helps them achieve even better across many additional areas such as academic study, life skills, confidence, social skills and exam technique. The current age range of people tutored through EB Education Services is 5 to 53.

Every pupil who we work with is looked at as an individual and our tutors provide a personalised approach to help consolidate and stretch the learning of that particular student. At EB Education Services Limited, we appreciate that even though our students may be the same age, each person is completely individual and is currently working at their own level. Due to this, our tutors spend time working with students to assess where they are at and what they need to do to progress in a way that is beneficial for them. We understand that every child matters and that no child should be left behind. We strive to help all students achieve their own potential in a way that is best suited to them, and we work to ensure that all students are brought up to speed if they are falling behind and then stretched and challenged to allow them to fully flourish.

We work with children in early years, infant and primary schools, supporting them primarily with improving their literacy and numeracy, and helping them to progress and prepare for teacher assessments and national testing. Many students at this age, are given tuition to help them prepare specifically for entrance and 11+ exams.

Several of the people we help are students who are making, or have just made, the transition from primary to secondary school. We work with them to ensure that they meet the new government floor standard of “secondary ready” in literacy and numeracy to ensure they can make a smooth transition, allowing them a stable platform to build a successful secondary education upon.

At secondary school level, many pupils find the challenge of Key Stage 3 a big one compared to the learning that they have undertaken previously. We work with pupils of this age group to help improve their subject knowledge and confidence at school and to stop the creation of misconceptions and misunderstanding at an early and important time in the long term preparation for exam success. There is no point trying to build a skyscraper on poor foundations. Ensuring that a solid understanding of learning is made in the lower years of secondary school provides the foundation necessary for their future exams.

When examinations loom ever closer, greater consideration is given to the preparation for them. At EB Education Services Limited we find that we help a large number of people through this time. Focusing on the content specific curriculum and the necessary skills that students need in order to sit and pass their GCSE exams at a standard that reflects their ability and gives them the opportunity to go on to further education of the correct type.

We have specialist tutors who are able to work with and support all types of students at the age of 16-19 whilst studying for examinations at A level and other further education qualifications. This often gives the added advantage of more flexible timings for tuition sessions, as learners at this age usually have study time during the day that is available for them to take advantage of, or these students are of an age where they are prepared to work later into the evening.

We also provide support and tuition to older students, such as those studying at university for whom we can provide expert tutors to help them throughout their course. As well as this, we provide tuition to people in this higher age range that have decided to re-embark on learning for many different reasons, such as gaining additional qualifications to help with job prospects or learning just for fun, as well as for parents/carers who are looking for help so that they can themselves help their children. As we mentioned earlier, no-one is too young or too old to learn and we are happy to work alongside anybody to try to help them achieve even better.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss a personalised learning plan for a student of any age and any ability.



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