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Home Education

We have worked with a home educated pupils’ local charity and individual home-schooled groups of pupils; delivering specifically tailored curricula for maths, English and science. With the charity, we provided hands on sessions in small groups of students, where parents were welcome to be as involved as they wished. For some students, having their parents close by, really helped with anxiety and social interactions with other students. We saw a huge improvement in not just their learning and understanding of the subjects, but their confidence and social skills as well.

They were able to access science practical experiments, those that are delivered in school were covered, as well as some with more fun and interactive elements. Maths, English, art and computer science were also delivered to the students, in a fun, safe, collaborative and interactive format. Some students, who were removed from a school setting due to confidence, friendship and anxiety issues, felt confident enough to return to a mainstream school after attending the courses, either on a part-time or full-time basis.

Some families who home-school their children, have approached us for more individual and bespoke support. We have delivered tuition to these students in the core subjects, but also art, music, photography and computer science. These students have gone on to pass all their GCSEs, some with grade 9s. We have been responsible for the teaching and learning as well as the monitoring of progress, resulting in providing evidence during the COVID-19 pandemic, for the awarding of grades at GCSE level. As experienced, fully qualified teachers, our tutors are used to the liaison and communication with schools and exam centres, and as such were able to provide strong evidence to support centre assessed grades.


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