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Online Tutoring

At EB Education Services, we appreciate that it is not always convenient to work with a tutor in a physical location for many reasons. We operate a system of tuition using online technology to allow tutoring to be carried out remotely. This involves webinar sessions using software such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Whereby, Zoom or Facetime. All sessions have a teacher in front of the student, delivering a bespoke lesson to suit the student’s needs. They are able to use interactive whiteboards, which the student and tutor can write on, share worksheets and other resources, and homework can be set through them too, or sent in a follow up email. In March 2020 all our tutoring moved to an online platform due to COVID-19, and many sessions have remained this way due to student preference, with some returning to face to face and following government guidelines.

Online tuition can work for people both in the United Kingdom or those from further afield. We welcome international students to come and work with us, be that British nationals working abroad or international students looking for help from highly qualified teaching professionals in the UK. If we are unable to match a student with a suitable tutor in your location, online tuition can offer a solution. Sessions have to be booked in the same manner as face to face sessions and require payment to be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Receiving tuition online can even be used to help combat loss of learning over the long summer holidays or due to lockdown. It can allow students and tutors to connect remotely, to help keep up with their studies, whilst not at their usual location. It can also be a useful tool to combat confidence issues, as a computer screen can be less daunting than being face to face with someone you have never met. Rather than permanently replacing sessions in person, it can be used as a tool to gradually reduce shyness as you can familiarise yourself with your tutor for a few sessions online prior to meeting in person. This won’t be the ideal solution for many students, who prefer the personal experience you receive with face to face tuition, but it can be invaluable in some circumstances.

We have additional online resources that we are able to offer to help support learners through their education, and we post an online blog on our website every Friday which focuses on a different area of the curriculum so keep your eye out for those. You can always find more details and helpful information through our social media platforms to keep up to date on developments.



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