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How to work with Required Practicals: Part 7 (AQA Chemistry)

Take a break from  studying the Required Practicals you need to know for your chemistry exams, and check out these facts about acids and alkalis!

Acids and bases or alkalis are all around us. If you are unlucky enough to be stung by a bee or wasp, do you know what to put on the sting? When a bee stings you, they inject acid into your body, however wasp stings are alkaline. In order to alleviate the pain, you need to neutralise the sting. Therefore , pour a basic substance, such as baking powder onto a bee sting. For the wasp sting you should use an acidic substance, like lemon juice or vinegar. Just don’t mix them up – it could hurt!!

Every wondered why onions make you cry? Would you believe it starts with onions protecting themselves from creatures trying to eat them! As onions grow, they take in sulphur from the soil, and convert it into sulphur compounds which turn easily into gases. As you chop up the onion, it releases the sulphur compounds. Many complicated chemical reactions result in the release of a sulphur containing gas. This gas deters animals, and reacts with the eyes to form sulphuric acid, which in turn leads to itching, burning and tears!

If you are studying GCSE Chemistry, you need to know what about neutralisation. It is one of the Required Practicals you need to revise. For help with this try our new guide “How to work with Required Practicals: Part 7 2022”.  This includes all the practicals needed on both papers for AQA Chemistry in 2022. You will find a brief description of what you need to know about each practical, and key questions you may be asked. As always, there are questions to try, and answers to check your understanding.

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