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How to work with Protein Synthesis

Protein synthesis is very important. The human body contains about 100,000 different types of protein. The body needs protein to grow, heal, and carry about nearly every chemical reaction in the body.

Protein also forms a very important part of our diet – and our Christmas dinner! Take the turkey for example, packed full of protein.  However, we did not always tuck into roast turkey on Christmas Day. It is thought that turkey was first introduced to the Christmas table by King Henry VIII, way back in the 16th century. At the time, the turkey was an exotic bird, and large enough to look impressive on a royal table. Henry may have been one of the first to eat it, but it was much later on when King Edward VII popularised the turkey as a Christmas meal.

Let us not forget the protein filled pigs in blankets. These are popular in many countries, although are slightly different in each. If you like pastry, try a Frankfurter sausage wrapped in croissant dough, or puff pastry. In Germany they are known as Würstchen im Schlafrock, or sausage in a dressing gown. Wrap a sausage in a tortilla, deep fry it, and you will have a salchitaco from Mexico.

But if you decide to make your meal as nutritious, and eco -friendly as possible – swap out the turkey for insects! They contain much more protein, and far less fat! And no carving needed!!

GCSE (Edexcel) scientists – you need to be able to explain the synthesis of protein. For help, try our new guide “How to work with Protein Synthesis”. It includes a description of transcription and translation.  As always there are questions to try, and answers to check your understanding.

Click on the picture below to see the guide.

Protein Synthesis GCSE revision

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