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How to work with Angles: Part 2

We all learn about angles in our Maths lessons. But did you know that the Angles were also invaders from the Danish-German border who defeated  Roman led Britain back in the 5th Century! Even the name England is a result of this  invasion (Angle- Land).

The Angles were part of the Anglo-Saxons, alongside the Saxons, Jutes, Frisians and Franks. As the Roman Empire was falling, they needed to remove their troops from the British Isles to defend other areas. Once the Romans left, Britain was left weak and open to attacks.  This allowed the Anglo-Saxons to take over and control England – right up until 1066!  The Angles mostly settled in Mercia (the Midlands) , Northumbria and Anglia.

To be able to tell the difference between two people with the same name – the Anglo-Saxons used to add either the job the person did, or where they came from to their names. Hence we have surnames like Baker, Fisher and Butcher! They were very keen on fighting- and would do this to end feuds, or to avenge the deaths of loved ones. However, if they did not want to fight – they could choose to arrange a marriage or pay some money instead. They also used a lot of “kennings” in their language. These are phrases such as “whale-road” to mean sea, or “battle-sweat” to mean blood! 

If you struggle with angles and angle problems – try out Part 2 of our “How to work with Angles” guide. It includes information about angles on perpendicular lines, and on parallel lines. Included is an explanation of how to spot alternate, corresponding, allied and vertically opposite angles. There are also questions for you to try, and answers are included for you to check your understanding. Remembering the different angle rules is really important.

Click on the picture below to see the guide.

Working with angles part 2


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