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How to work with Shapes: Part 2

Different shapes in a city scape

Shapes are all around us – some we will be familiar with. We expect buildings to be a certain shape, usually rectangular, cylindrical, or circular. There are, however, some very unusual shaped buildings around the world!

Check out the Dancing Building , or the Dancing House in Prague.  The architect designed it to resemble a pair of dancers, hence the nickname Fred and Ginger!.


Or how about the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo. This is completely different, made out of many cubes. Each cube, otherwise known as a capsule room, was made in a factory then attached to two concrete cores. The architect designed it in order to help solve the city’s ever increasing need for living spaces. Each capsule consisted of a living space containing built in furniture, and equipment, and a sleeping corner. They also have a bathroom about the size of an aeroplane toilet! It took only 30 days to build it in 1972. The building  is currently being dismantled due to the cost and difficulty of replacing the capsules.


If you prefer curves and flowing architecture – then look at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. A system of curved bridges, towers, and glass elevators connect 19 galleries.

If you need some more help with shapes then try Part 2 of our “How to work with Shapes” revision guide. It describes what congruent shapes are, and outlines rules to spot congruent triangles. A description of similar shapes is also included, again with rules on how to spot similar triangles. You can check your understanding using example questions and answers.

Click on the picture below to see the guide.

Working with shapes

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