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How to work with Rates of Reaction: Part 1

During chemical reactions two or more different substances or elements  mix together. They then undergo some sort of chemical change to become a different substance altogether.  However, chemicals are also one of the many interesting ways in which animals communicate with each other.

Many animals secrete chemicals called pheromones, usually detected by smell. They result in a behavioural change in another member of the same species. They are used for many reasons including warning others about danger approaching, or as directions to find food. Ants live in colonies with millions of others, and use very complex pheromone signals to communicate with each other. Scientist believe each colony has unique pheromones – to enable them to distinguish between ant friends and foes!

Seahorses on the other hand, actually growl! While this is very difficult for us to hear, it is believed that the growling is a response to danger. While growling, the seahorse also vibrates in order to alarm predators for long enough to allow them to escape.

Birds are well known for using movement and dance to communicate, especially when trying to attract a mate. But did you know that some birds, to distract a predator away from their nests and young, will even fake injuries.

GCSE scientists, you need to know about rates of reaction and the factors that affect them. Try our new guide “How to work with Rates of reaction: Part 1”. Information on collision theory, and how different factors affect rates of reaction is included. You will also find questions to try, alongside answers to check your understanding.

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Rates of reaction

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