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Back to school – how to start the year as a ‘grade 9’ student

It is that time of year again when the long summer nights begin to draw in and the start of the new school year approaches. Don’t worry, make sure that you make the most of it by getting off to a flying start. Firstly, it doesn’t matter whether you are starting school for the first time ever, a student entering secondary school in year 7, or you are returning to school and just about to embark on your final GCSE year or begin your A Levels, or even if you are a teacher getting ready to change the lives of your students, it’s about getting off to a positive start! Secondly, it doesn’t matter how well you feel that you can achieve, it’s about working hard to achieve even better.


Here are 5 tips about things that you can do to make the beginning of this school year the most successful one to date.







An extra, bonus tip, for free

Speak to people and ask for help if you need it! This is for all types of circumstances. If you are struggling to understand a topic in lessons, speak to your teacher and ask for some clarification. They want you to succeed and will be happy to support you, especially if you ask for it. Talk to friends, outside of lessons, maybe they can help you understand things. If you have a problem, feel stressed, overwhelmed or need some support or guidance, speak to somebody and share your worries. Schools are a great support network and are full of people that are there to help you, no matter how big or small you feel the problem is… don’t bottle things up, speak to someone.


Moving forward


Achieving your best is up to you and it involves lots of different things. It isn’t always just about the academic work, how many books you read and about how clever you are. It is about building strong foundations, putting steps in place, trying your best at that moment and starting off in the right frame of mind.

These tips are by no means an exact formula, or even a given to getting straight grade 9s and A*s but they are good advice and something to think about in terms of how you can achieve even better and fulfil your potential. Throughout the course of this academic year we will be posting other nuggets of useful information to help you achieve even better, some will be academic and will teach you how to do things, some will offer advice about how to revise and some will give you food for thought. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Good luck with the year ahead. We hope you get off to a flying start!



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