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Celebrating Exam Results 2019

Well done

A massive congratulations to all our students for the amazing results achieved this year! They have worked incredibly hard over the last year, so a huge well done to all.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our tutors for their hard work over the last year too. Many of them go the extra mile to support their tutees in the run up to the exams and this is always much appreciated.


A Level Results

We’re pleased to say that 100% of our A level students passed their exams with over 80% of our A Level results being A* – C and these results have helped many of the students to go on to their chosen universities. A fantastic 100% of our Maths, Chemistry and Psychology students achieved A*-C grades. Students are taking a variety of courses including Politics, Optometry, Medicine and Engineering at some of the most prestigious Russell Group Universities in the country.

We were extremely glad to see some of our students achieving straight A grades or above in all of their A levels and are equally as pleased to see some of our students pull things around and make the progress that they were looking for, from a weak starting position, to gain the grades that they needed (or better) to go on to their next steps in education on their chosen degree courses. Congratulations to Ricardo, for example, for his 3 Bs when at times this looked like they could have been out of reach, we’re very proud of your hard work. No matter what the students have decided to do, we are sure they will all be successful in their chosen careers. We wish them all the very best of luck.

For those starting university, and living away from home for the first time, it can be a daunting time. There is much support out there, so click on the picture below for some tips on how to survive!



GCSE Results

The GCSE results achieved were also excellent, with 100% of students passing all their GCSEs and over 95% of these achieving a standard pass or above. Many students achieved grades much higher than their predicted and target grades. This year we had a very large number of students gaining multiple grade 9 results which was fantastic to share their joy in their achievement. The hard work has clearly paid off and this is just the first step towards a successful future.  There were some fantastic results for Science, with over 70% of Combined Science students achieving Grade 6 and above, and 100% of all Biology, Chemistry and Physics students achieving 6+.

Congratulations to those students who absolutely smashed their target grades – those who achieved 9s, those achieving 8, 8 in their Combined Science, for example (they know who they are), also the young lady who achieved her 5 GCSEs, when she and some of her teachers at school didn’t even believe that she would, we told you that you could do it! We’re pleased to see some of our students achieving all grade 8 and 9 and once again having students that achieved straight grade 9s in their exams is amazing.

Well done to those students who gave it their all but didn’t quite make the grades they had hoped for, it takes a lot of resilience and determination to carry on in your journey to succeed. We look forward to helping you do this with our continued support and I hope that we will be celebrating that new success for you in the near future. Our team are looking forward to continuing to support a number of our students through their A Levels. We wish everyone the very best, whether they are staying in school, beginning studies at a new college or following an apprenticeship.

Some of our students who have agreed to be named in this blog are:



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