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How to work with Algebra: Part 1

Algebra uses letters – and letters and words can be fascinating!!

According to the Guinness Book of Records, “set” is the word in English which has the most meanings. Apparently there are up to 430 different meanings! Or have you heard of the word “honorificabilitudinitatibus”? It means a state in which it is possible to achieve honour, and is the longest word with alternating vowels and consonants.

The longest known palindromic word, a word where the letters read the same backwards, is saippuakivikauppias. It is a Finnish word meaning a dealer in lye or caustic soda. Not one you would use in every day conversation.

It is not only humans who use words however. A budgie called Puck, from California holds the world record for the bird with the largest vocabulary. Apparently it knew around 1728 words!

If you struggle with algebra, check out the first part of our “How to” guides on Algebra.  Part 1 explains the basics of algebra, what terms and expressions are, and will show you how to collect like terms, and multiply letters. It also includes some questions for you to try at the end so you can check your understanding.

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How to work with Algebra

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