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How to work with Angles: Part 1


Angles are everywhere – there is even a musical instrument called the triangle! But did you know that the triangle was not always triangle shaped. The earliest triangles seem to date back to the 10th century, but were more trapezoid shaped. Those that were triangular were more like isosceles triangles than the equilateral triangles used in orchestras today. They also used to have jingling metal rings threaded along the bottom bar. Since the 14th Century musical triangles have appeared in lots of artwork and religious ceremonies. You can even find artwork which has angels singing while playing the triangle!

Who would have thought the triangle was so impressive!

Check out this week’s guide: How to work with Angles Part 1. This guide describes the different types of angle and covers some key angles facts. Information on angles in triangles, straight lines, around a point and in quadrilaterals is included.  It also explains how to use these angle facts to answer questions. There are questions for you to try and answers are included so you can check your understanding.

If you need some extra help with angles – click on the picture below.

Working with Angles


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