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How to work with Enzymes: Part 1

There are about 700 enzymes active in the human body, some of which we need to digest our food.

If only Santa Claus had a few more – he is going to need them. Santa visits over 2 billion children in one evening – in up to 600 million different houses. Obviously different houses will offer him a different selection of food and drink BUT if we assume he has at least one mince pie or cookie, and a glass of milk in every home, he will have consumed over 150 billion calories in one night. That many calories could keep him active for a very long time. And probably give him a bit of indigestion. The amount of milk he drinks is enough to fill over 50 Olympic swimming pools. Say, rather than milk, he has a small sherry each time he stops to deliver the presents, he will be very merry! Just in the UK, he would be drinking around 800 sherries every single second.

Just the sherry he may drink in the UK would cause him to gain over 263 tonnes in weight – that is almost the weight of 22 double decker buses. His New Year resolution had better be to do a lot of exercise. To burn it off, he would need to run for 146,666 days. Then he would need to walk briskly for around 1.3 billion miles, or he could jog for 980 million miles. Let us hope he has some stamina, as if he jogs at around six mph – he needs to keep jogging for about 19,000 years!

GCSE scientists- you need to be able to explain how enzymes work. If you need some help with this, try Part 1 of our new guide “How to work with Enzymes”. It includes information on how enzymes work, and how different factors affect enzyme activity. There are also questions for you to try, alongside answers to check your understanding.

Click the picture below to see the guide.

Working with enzymes

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