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How to work with Genetics: Part 2

Cartoon blood groups

Our genetics determine what our blood type is. Humans have many different blood types, around 30 recognised blood groups altogether, although you may just know the main 4 groups (A, B, AB and O). But did you know that this is not unique to humans. Thirteen types have been identified for dogs, eight for horses and three for cats.  Years ago, doctors even experimented with transfusing animal bloods into humans!!! Blood can also be many different colours. We know our blood is red, but other animals have different colour blood. Spiders and squids have blue blood, while some worms and leeches have green blood. There are even some animals, like the ocellated icefish in the Antarctic whose blood is completely clear.

GCSE scientists – you need to explain how diseases and blood types can be inherited. For help with this try our new guide “How to work with Genetics: Part 2”. In this guide is an explanation of how to use family pedigree diagrams as well as how diseases and blood types are inherited. There is also information on sex-linked disorders, and genetic diagrams showing how they can be inherited. It includes questions to try, and answers to check your understanding.

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GCSE Genetics revision



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