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How to work with Halogens


Chlorine is one of the halogens, the second most abundant on Earth, and has many uses. However, it also has certain harmful effects. Chlorine is one of the atoms in a toxin that some South American frogs have in their skin. Apparently, it can paralyze or even kill large animals Natives of the Colombian tropical rainforest used to rub the tips of their arrows on the skin of these poison-dart frogs. In the United States, chlorine is added to chicken carcasses to get rid of faecal contamination! It also destroys ozone  – just one chlorine atom can destroy as many as 100,000 ozone molecules!

GCSE Science students – you need to be able to describe and explain the properties of the halogens. Our new guide, “How to work with Halogens” can help. Included, as always are questions to try, and answers to check your understanding.

To see the guide, click on the picture below. Halogens




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