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How to work with Homeostasis: Part 1


Ever wondered where the simile “As cool as a cucumber” comes from?

They are cool to the touch and apparently the inside of a cucumber can be as much as 11°C  cooler than the outside temperature!!

To help you understand how we manage not to overheat in the hot weather, or freeze in the winter, have a look at Part 1 of our  “How to” revision guide on Homeostasis. This guide explains the basics of homeostasis, and what we need to keep the same in the human body. This guide concentrates on thermoregulation – describing why we need to maintain a constant body temperature, how our body can detect changes in temperature, and how it responds to either heat us up or cool us down. This will help if you are studying for GCSEs, but is also suitable for A Level students, as sections of the guide go “beyond GCSE”. It includes some example GCSE questions and answers at the end so you can check your understanding of thermoregulation.

Click on the picture below to view our guide. Homeostasis Part 1

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