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How to work with Pythagoras

Most of you will have heard about Pythagoras in your Maths lessons. However, did you know that it is thought he had a condition known as synesthesia.
This is a neurological condition, where information meant to stimulate one of your senses, actually stimulates several at the same time. Synesthetes, or people with the condition, are able to hear colours, see music, smell words, or taste textures!

The word, like Pythagoras, is Greek. It originates form the word “synth” – meaning together  and “ethesia”, meaning perception. Many musicians and composers say they see music as shapes and colours, a form of the condition called chromethesia. Mozart said that D major had a warm “orangey” sound it, while B-flat minor was blackish. Some popular musicians such as Billie Eilish,  Kanye West and Lorde also share the condition.

Mathematicians – you just need to know how to apply his theorem to find the missing length in triangles. For help with this try our new guide, “How to work with Pythagoras”. It includes an explanation of how to use the theorem, and as always there are questions to try, and answers to check understanding.

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Pythagoras' Theorem
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