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How to work with Required Practicals: Part 1

Microscope and bug

Did you know that the earliest microscopes were known as “flea glasses” because they were used to study small insects? Or that most of the  oxygen produced by photosynthesis doesn’t actually come from the plant life above ground, but from the sea? Luckily you don’t need to know these random facts – but you do need to revise the “Required Practicals” you will have studied in class. These include using a microscope, and measuring the rate of photosynthesis in a plant.

Try our new guide “How to work with Required Practicals: Part 1”. It focuses on Biology practicals needed for Paper 1 (AQA). It includes:

Using a Microscope, Investigating Osmosis,  Enzymes, Food Tests, Photosynthesis.

You will find a brief description of what you need to know about each practical, and key questions you may be asked. As always there are questions to try, and answers to check your understanding.

Required Practicals

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