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How to work with Required Practicals: Part 1

While you are revising your Required Practicals, including food tests – have a look at some of these amazing facts about food!

Apparently, you can actually hear rhubarb growing! In the early 1800’s, “forcing”, a growing technique was introduced. It allows rhubarb to be produced in greater quantities. The rhubarb is grown naturally in a field for a couple of years. The plants store energy as carbohydrates in their roots. After this, in the winter, the rhubarb is transferred into a heated shed in complete darkness. As they are heated, no stored energy is needed to make leaves, so it is all used to make the stalks larger and sweeter! It can grow as much as an inch a day, so quickly it actually creaks, pops and squeaks!

Peanut butter is lovely on bread – but did you know it can be used to make diamonds. Scientists placed carbon- rich peanut butter in high pressures in order to replicate what happens in the Earth. The carbon, when under intense pressure, forms diamonds. Unfortunately, hydrogen, which is volatile, destroyed the experiment – but not before diamonds were produced!

Try our new guide “How to work with Required Practicals: Part 1”. It focuses on Biology Practicals needed for Paper 1 (AQA). It includes:

Using a Microscope, Investigating Osmosis, Enzymes, Food Tests, Photosynthesis.

You will find a brief description of what you need to know about each practical, and key questions you may be asked. As always there are questions to try, and answers to check your understanding.

Required Practicals

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