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How to work with Required Practicals: Part 6 & 7

Red planet

Planet Earth is sometimes referred to as the blue planet because it is mostly covered in oceans and has a thick atmosphere, giving it a blue appearance. Mars, however, is covered in a lot of iron oxide. These are the same compounds that give blood and rust their distinct color. It is known as the “Red Planet” because the reddish iron oxide prevalent on its surface gives it a reddish appearance. If you are studying GCSE Chemistry, you need to know what colour flames different metal ions produce. It is part of one of the Required Practicals you need to revise for Paper 2.

For help with this try our new guides “How to work with Required Practicals: Part 6 and Part 7”. Part 6  focuses on the Chemistry practicals needed for Combined Science and Chemistry Paper 2 (AQA). Included in Part 7 are all the additional practicals needed on both papers for AQA Chemistry.

Part 6 includes:

Rates of Reaction, Chromatography, Water Purification

Part 7 includes:

Neutralisation, Identifying Ions

You will find a brief description of what you need to know about each practical, and key questions you may be asked. As always there are questions to try, and answers to check your understanding.
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Required PracticalRequired Practicals 7



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