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How to work with Speed, Density and Pressure


Tardigrades are eight-legged animals that are nicknamed water bears. They are tiny, up to 1.2mm long, but are capable of withstanding the most extreme environments. These hardy creatures survive even when boiled in water, or immersed in pure alcohol. They can dehydrate and go into a state of frozen animation. They can even withstand pressures of 600 mega-pascals, six times the pressure of sea-water at a depth of 10,000 metres!! In 2007, dehydrated tardigrades were taken up into orbit and exposed to the vacuum and radiation of space for 10 days. Over two thirds of them actually survived long enough to reproduce when they returned to Earth.

GCSE Maths students – you need to be able to work with compound measures, like pressure. Our new guide, “How to work with Speed, Density and Pressure” can help. It includes the formula for each, and explains how to use them. Included, as always are questions to try, and answers to check your understanding.

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