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How to work with Transition Metals and Alloys

Chest of gold coins

Transition metals have many different uses. One of these metals is silver, which is the best thermal conductor of all metals. The lines you can see on the rear windscreen of cars that are used for defrosting and defogging are made from silver. It was discovered around 5000 BC, one of the oldest metals discovered by humans. At least 14 different languages have exactly the same word for both silver and money! Try and put the word silver into a rhyme though, and you will struggle as there is no word in English that rhymes with silver.

Nowadays silver is considered less valuable than gold, in ancient Egypt silver was much more valuable. All the gold on Earth originated from meteorites bombarding it 200 million years ago. During the formation of Earth, molten iron sank to its centre to make the core. This took with it the vast majority of the planet’s precious metals — such as gold and platinum. It is widely believed that 80% of world’s total gold is still under ground.

GCSE Chemists – you need to be able to know the properties and uses of the transition metals. For help with this try our new guide “How to work with the Transition Metals and Alloys”. It includes information on transition metals and what alloys are. It includes questions to try, and answers to check your understanding.

Click on the picture below to see the guide.

Transition Metals

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