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How to work with Required Practicals: Part 8 (AQA Combined Paper 2 Physics 2022)

From the Required Practicals in  Physics Paper 2 of  AQA Combined Science, you need to revise the one about infrared radiation. But how much do you actually know about infrared?

Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation, with longer wavelengths than visible light, so to us it is invisible. It has a range of wavelengths, and is emitted by everything! Even cold things, like ice cubes emit some heat! It can travel through fog, thick smoke and dust.  It can be extremely useful. For example, infrared observation is used to detect objects such as comets and asteroids which cannot be seen. Firefighters use infrared cameras to help them find people and animals.

Although we cannot see infrared radiation – some animals are able to use it. For example. snakes which have sensory pits enabling them to form images with infrared. This allows them to detect prey or predators in dark places!  Some fish also use infrared to capture prey, and to determine which direction to swim in. It is thought this could help them when it is darker, or in murky waters.

For Paper 2 of the Combined Science AQA Physics paper you need to know all about infrared radiation and absorption. For help with this try our new guides “How to work with Required Practicals: Part 8 2022”. You will find a brief description of what you need to know about the practical, and key questions you may be asked. As always there are questions to try, and answers to check your understanding. Click below to see the guide. 

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